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Stock Market Investing for Millennials

Stock Market Investing for Millennials

Stock market investing provides millennials with powerful opportunities to grow wealth, especially when starting early and taking a long-term perspective. By steadily investing in stocks and funds aligned with goals and risk tolerance, millennials can overcome generational hurdles like student debt to build financial security. This guide covers stock market basics and strategies tailored specifically for millennial investors.



Why Investing Matters for Millennials

Though market volatility brings unease, avoiding investing also carries risks millennials can’t afford, including:

Falling Behind – Prolonged low interest rates mean money in savings loses purchasing power to inflation over time.

Time Horizon – Millennials have decades ahead to ride out downturns and benefit from long-term compound growth.

Major Purchases – Investing provides the ability to eventually afford large purchases like a home.

Retirement – Starting early allows millennials to build the sizeable nest egg needed to retire comfortably.

With patience and discipline, millennials can turn stock market headwinds into tailwinds for their financial futures.

Building the Foundation

Before investing in the stock market, establish a solid financial base by:

  • Creating an emergency fund covering 3-6 months of expenses.
  • Paying off high interest credit cards and other debts.
  • Funding company retirement accounts, especially if a match is offered.
  • Setting money aside for short term goals like a house, car, or further education.

Investing involves taking risks that require having a steady foundation in place first. Don’t try to fast track investments before meeting basic financial needs.

Investment Options for Millennials

Popular stock and fund vehicles suitable for millennial investors include:

Stocks – Purchase shares of individual large, stable companies with consistent earnings and dividends. Hold long term.

ETFs – Exchange traded funds that bundle various stocks to diversify risk cost-effectively. Choices for nearly any asset class.

Mutual Funds – Professionally managed pooled funds investing in stocks, bonds and other securities based on stated objectives.

REITs – Real estate investment trusts that allow investing in shared commercial or residential properties. Provides real estate sector access.

Retirement Funds – Target date funds offer a hands-off set-it-and-forget-it approach to retirement investing.

Depending on risk appetite and hands-on involvement preferred, different options suit millennial investing styles.

Stock Investing Strategies for Millennials

Smart stock market approaches for millennials include:

Passive Long-Term Investing – Hold diversified funds like ETFs and indexes over decades. Historically rewards patience.

Dollar Cost Averaging – Invest set amounts consistently, like $200 every month. Smooths risk rather than timing markets.

Reinvesting Dividends – Let dividend payments accumulate to compound returns over time.

Broad Diversification – Spread investments across sectors, geographies, bond/stock mix to minimize risk exposure.

Annual Rebalancing – Bring allocation percentages back to original targets as markets shift valuations.

Time and compounding drives stock market growth for millennials. Taking a slow, steady strategy nets the biggest gains over active trading.

Investing Mindfully With Values

Millennials also look for investments aligned with causes and values like:

  • Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) – Screens for companies with positive ESG practices related to environment, social impact and governance.
  • Gender Lens Investing – Seeks companies actively advancing gender diversity and equality.
  • Faith-Based Investing – Aligns investments with values, missions and ethics of various religious faiths.
  • Green Investing – Focuses on sustainable companies engaged in renewable energy, clean tech, green real estate.
  • Activist Investing – Uses shareholder voting rights to drive corporate behaviors on social/environmental issues.

Seeking financial return alongside positive impact reflects millennial priorities.

Leveraging Time Over Timing

Rather than trying to time short-term market swings, millennials should leverage the power of long time horizons.

  • Historically, stocks have returned around 10% annually over decades despite periods of volatility.
  • Regularly investing over 30+ years allows compounding to work its magic.
  • Dollar cost averaging smooths risk rather than buying at peaks.
  • The earlier you start, the more time works in your favor.

Remaining invested through ups and downs, and starting early, benefits millennials immensely as investors due to long runways ahead.

Common Investing Platforms

Platform Features Considerations
Robinhood $0 trades, fractional shares, crypto Limited retirement accounts, minimal research and guidance, frequent trading encouraged
Wealthfront Automated passive investing, some direct indexing, retirement accounts Software-based, 0.25% fee, lack of human advisor option
Betterment Digital advisor, automated portfolios, offers human financial advice 0.25% fee, $100K minimum for premium tier access to CFP professionals
Vanguard Leading low-fee mutual funds, ETFs, target date funds Minimums around $1,000-$3,000 for most index funds
Charles Schwab Large selection of commission-free ETFs, index funds, stocks, bonds, automated advisory available $1,000 minimum to open a brokerage account, $5,000 for robo-advisory services

Tips for Millennial Stock Market Success

  • Make investing pay yourself first priority
  • Start small if needed – something is better than nothing
  • Increase contributions steadily as income rises
  • Embrace patience and persist through volatile times
  • Tune out short term news and stick to long term plans
  • Diversify holdings across multiple categories
  • Reinvest dividends and earnings to compound gains
  • Use time, not timing, to your advantage by starting early
  • Let interest and your career guide impact area focus

Commit to consistency, stick to strategies, and give it time. The rewards will come.

The stock market remains the best vehicle for growing millennials’ wealth. By educating themselves on smart strategies tailored to their long-term horizons and crafting well-diversified portfolios, millennials can overcome current headwinds and steer towards financial security.

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